The images below were taken with the ROV operated from the RV Celtic Explorer on the Archipelagos (Arc) Mounds, SW Porcupine Bank (c. 700m depth), about 450km west of the southwest tip of Ireland.

All images © NUI Galway, courtesy Anthony Grehan.

Cold water coral reef.  Pink and white varieties of the major framework building coral species Lophelia pertusa,  large solitary corals (left of centre), Desmophyllum sp. and anemones.
An antipatharian coral bush providing fishing vantage points for long limbed squat lobsters.  The large red fish (Hoplostethus atlanticus) is an orange roughy while the fish eyeballing the camera is a Neocyttus helgae.  The fish in front of the coral is a Lepidion eques while two other small fish are visible close to the base of the boulder supporting the coral.
Close up of Lophelia pertusa polyps actively feeding.
Close up of squat lobsters feeding.
A large Brosme brosme feeding on a smaller fish caught on the reef (probably a Lepidion sp.). The ROV arm is visible in the bottom right of shot.
A deep-sea crab (Paramola cuvieri) holding a small antipatharian coral above its carapace for protection.