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The photographs below were taken by OceanLab's BRIL (Biogenic Reef Ichthyofauna Lander) on two separate cruise in Spring 2010 - one onboard the R/V G.O. Sars in Norway, the other onboard the R/V Universitatis in the Ionian Sea. Clicking on any image will bring up a larger version.

The lander (below left) is a frame with ballast, floats and equipment (e.g. bait, cameras, lights, current meter) attached to it that is dropped to the seafloor from the research vessel (below right). After a defined period of time (perhaps 24hrs), a coded sound burst sent from the ship releases the ballast and the lander floats back to the surface where it can be recovered.

BRIL on deck with its scientific payload. The bait and scale bar can be seen to the left

The crew of the R/V Universitatis deploy BRIL. The mooring line carrying the floats is already behind the vessel. The lander is now being lowered into the water where it will be released and allowed to fall to the seabed.

Norwegian Cruise, March 2010
The fish in these images are all tusk (or torsk in Norwegian), Brosme brosme. They are a commercial species so important to CoralFISH. They seem to show signs of being coral associated and although big fish they are confident enough with complex terrain to swim through the hoops of the Lander's ballast!

There is also a soft (orange) coral in some of the photos, and note the fish fighting with crabs in the last two photos!
Ionian Sea Cruise, April 2010
  Conger eels, Conger conger
Blue and red shrimp, Aristeus antennatus, are an important commercial species in the area.
  A Kitefin shark (?) Dalatias licha (top) and conger eel face each other over the bait.
    Bluntnosed sixgill shark (Hexanchus griseus)
  Redfish (Sebastes sp.)