Dr Francesco Mastrototaro from the Department of Zoology in Bari (and part of the CoNISMa CoralFISH team) has started a course about the sea in a school in Bari.

The course will involve the first classes of secondary school of 1° level (medium school, students of 10-11 years), and the first lesson was on "Cold water corals", with a video presentation related to Santa Maria di Leuca coral bank.

The school: Convitto Nazionale "D. Cirillo", Via D. Cirillo 33 Bari
The project: "Pericolo! Il mare incubatore della vita rischia di morire"("Danger! The sea, cradle of the life, risks to die"), Project C-1-FSE-2008-658 del Piano Integrato d'Istituto A.S. 2008-2009 (Integrated Plan of Institut for 2008-2009).

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Dr Mastrototaro Prof Corcelli